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Black Wang

Founder & CEO
Quality Director (18 years QM experience)
Technical for Electrical & Electronics

What he says:

“Our mission is to provide customers with good procurement services, and win the market and reputation for customers with high-quality products.”

Black Wang, has been engaged in quality management since 2004. Before founding Comsourcing, he had 18 years of experience in quality management. In his last job, he worked as a quality manager at TUV Rheinland China for 14 years.

He is very familiar with the quality control of the factory. He believes that the quality of products comes from the total quality management of the factory, starting from incoming material inspection, first sample confirmation, process inspection, functional inspection, 100% inspection of finished products, random inspection of finished products, and product functional reliability testing. He understands the control methods and skills of each key point.

For the quality management of trade orders, he also has rich experience and unique insights. He believes that the best quality control is to control any potential quality problems at the beginning. When a problem is discovered during production or in the final inspection, it is often too late. Therefore, he advocates the quality control of trade orders, starting from the first sample.

Choosing a good factory is very important, but not everything will be fine. The production of orders is a process, and even the best factories have the possibility of making mistakes, which requires us to monitor orders in real time. Our 20% DUPRO inspection service, well supervises the unexpected situation in the production process of the product. Once a quality problem occurs, the factory can rework and improve in time to avoid more losses from customers and the factory.

Black’s achievements in quality management have helped him become a well-known management expert at TUV Rheinland. When he was in TUV, he participated in a lot of quality management training for the QC team of TUV’s important customers, such as LIDL ASIA, Delta Sport, and during the negotiation with OBI, he demonstrated the advantages of TUV’s quality control and won the trust of customers. The cooperation between TUV and OBI continues to this day.

Excellent quality engineers need to have a strong technical background. Black is also an expert in electrical appliances, power tools, and electronics. He is very familiar with the safety standards of EN 60335/EN 62841/EN 60950, and has developed inspection procedures, inspection specifications and test methods for countless products.

Now, Black is bringing all his technology accumulation and quality management experience to serve Comsourcing customers.

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Happy Customers

Dean Feng

Quality Manager (20 years Quality background)
Technical for Hardline

What he says:

“It is a happy thing to be able to do a job that you are good at and love.”

“I have worked with Black for many years and he always puts the client’s needs first. Now we work together again, serve customers together, and do quality control together. We believe that customers can feel our confidence and enthusiasm.”

Wendy Hua

Quality Manager (12 years Quality background)
Technical for Softline

What she says:

“Working here, we only do one thing, which is to use our experience to control product quality for customers. When customers are satisfied, we gain happiness.”

Ada Feng

Sourcing Director (9 years supply chain management)

Business operation

What she says:

“Creating value for customers is our job.”

“Purchasing is a very detailed job. Calculate the cost of materials, compare quotations, bargain with the factory, and go to the site to negotiate for better price. This job is full of challenges, but when we get a better price for our customers, and customers benefit from it, we have immense pride.”

When you get to know our team, you know what we are good at.

This is a comprehensive quality management system consisting of several components, each of which is critical. The more you pay attention to the front-end quality control steps, the more you can reduce the probability of problems in the later stage.

When we do a good job in every step, good product quality will be formed naturally.

Manager industrial engineer using tablet check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent factory industrial on real time monitoring system software. Welding roboticts and digital manufacturing operation. Industry 4.0 concept

Manufacturer Survey

Choosing a reliable supplier is the beginning of all business cooperation, and a good supplier can help you achieve great success. On the contrary, some will bring you a lot of trouble.

Whether it is our long-term cooperative manufacturer or a new potential manufacturer, we will provide you with a background survey report, so that you have a comprehensive understanding of the supplier.

We will focus on the most critical aspects, such as factory qualifications, credit, quality, testing capabilities, production capacity, delivery capabilities, etc. Only by understanding these can we truly know whether the manufacturer has the ability to become your supplier.

Sample evaluation

Whether you are familiar with the product or not, our quality engineer will conduct a sample inspection of your target product, and will issue a report for you and provide you with key points for quality control of the products.

Whether you choose our service or not, we hope our experience in quality control can help you avoid some quality risks.


Quality plan customization

We will customize a quality plan for each of your products. In the quality plan, you will see sampling plans for different inspection stages, AQL acceptance levels, inspection points, test points, improvement suggestions, etc.

We will listen to your quality requirements for the product, add it to the quality plan, and control every quality point as comprehensively as possible.

The quality plan will be updated according to the problems found in different inspection stages, so that the subsequent inspection process can focus on the defects that have been found.

We will carry out the inspection process according to the quality plan. When you receive the inspection report, you will know the quality status of your products well.

First sample inspection

The most brilliant quality control is to control all problems at the beginning, so the inspection of the first product is very important.

The first sample cannot represent the quality level of the whole batch of products, but through the inspection, some potential problems will be found.

The problems and suggestion of improvement will be shown on reports, we will urge suppliers to improve, since issues were found at the very beginning of production, many problems have time to be improved.


Packing inspection

Packing material content errors can cause big losses, mislead customers, and even affect your brand reputation, therefore, the inspection of packaging materials is very important.

We will check the information in export carton, color box, rating labels, instruction manuals, logo and marking, to make sure that, all packing material content comply with your documents, any deviations will be found at the beginning of production.

We will also check the packing material quality for you at the same time, strength of carton, printing quality of color box, layout of instruction manual, barcode scan, desiccant quality, etc.

20% DUPRO inspection

Although the first sample inspection had been done, it is only on a specific sample, some problems that may occur during the production cannot be monitored.

The 20%DURPO inspection becomes necessary, especially for high-value orders or high-risk products, so as to some problems caused during production will be exposed, and the manufacturer can rework and improve them in time to avoid more losses.

20%DUPRO inspection is a randomly inspection, the sampling level, AQL and testing plan will be determined by product categories and shown on quality plan.

20%DUPRO inspection is an all-round quality inspection, including storage conditions, packaging, product safety, function, appearance, internal structure, compliance testing, etc., through the 20% inspection report, you will basically know your product quality status.


30%~70% DUPRO inspection

In the following three situations, we will increase the number of process inspections for you. These process inspections may occur at any stage of 30% to 70% of product production, and one or more inspections may occur.

1: The value of your order is relatively large, and further risk control is required.

2: Your products are high-risk products such as electrical appliances, gasoline tools, and baby toys.

3: In the previous inspection process, many problems were found, which required more monitoring of the improvement of the factory.

Please note that we will determine whether the inspection at this stage is necessary, the number of inspections, and the inspection items according to the actual situation.

If this inspection is carried out, you will also receive our inspection report, but unlike the 20% DUPRO inspection, this will be a more targeted inspection item.

100% FRI inspection

100% FRI inspection is the most important of all inspections, because it is the last inspection before the product is delivered to you.

Normally, the inspection will be performed when 100% product finished and packed, in normal operation, we can perform it when goods at least 80% packed (but goods 100% finished, factory is doing packing process and will finish packing soon).

Same as the 20% inspection, the inspection includes the entire product inspection range, but the inspection of the problems found at the 20% inspection is added according to the updated quality plan.

We use the scientific method of AQL to classify the defects according to their importance, and determine whether the product meets your quality requirements by counting whether the number of defects of different categories is within the acceptable range.

The focus of this inspection is to test the product according to the quality plan. The first is safety, for example, the high voltage test/ground resistance test of electrical products will be carried out with 100% high standards. Secondly, we will simulate the use environment of the product to verify the durability and reliability of the product function, such as making a durable running machine for a lawn mower, testing the writing length of a ballpoint pen, and so on. In short, our inspection is not only for appearance and simple function inspection, we almost cover all risk areas of your product.

Cargo loading operation, shipment, delivery, logistics and freight transportation concept, open container full of boxes and forklift truck lift up packages on pallet isolated on white background

Loading supervision

Have you ever encountered short-loading of goods, damp goods due to damaged containers, and waste of space due to unreasonable loading methods? if the loading process is not monitored, many accidents may happen.

We will send engineers to the site to check the quality of the container, supervise the entire loading process, and provide you with detailed loading pictures. The loading supervision service can ensure that your goods are in good conditions before shipping.

Due to the particularity of the loading supervision service, the service is only limited to FCL shipments, and the goods are only shipped in one place.

Certification and testing reports verification

For orders requiring test reports or certificates for electrical products, toy products, etc., our experts will check the test reports and certificates of factory products, such as CE, GS, etc., to ensure that the products meet the standards.

Generally, when you make an inquiry, we are already selecting products and manufacturers with certificates, because certificates often represent the reliability of products and factories.

If you are required to be a license holder in your market, we will discuss with you whether to use the factory’s certificate to do a secondary certificate. Compared with doing a separate certificate, doing a secondary certificate based on the factory certificate will save you a lot of money.

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Testing/certificate coordination with laboratory

If it is necessary to provide a test report or certificate to your client for this order, we will coordinate with the factory to provide samples.

At the same time, our experts will also contact third-party laboratories to maintain communication on technical issues such as test standards and test methods to ensure that we can successfully obtain test reports and certificates.

Since we have a good relationship with third-party laboratories, and we are familiar with laboratory testing methods and certification procedures, we can enable you to obtain a certificate at a faster speed.

Factory Audit coordination

In today’s world, many large brand customers require suppliers to have quality system and social responsibility certificates. For example, LIDL requires factories to have BSCI, ISO 14001 certificates, and the US market has anti-terrorism qualification requirements, etc.

Most of our factories have very good qualifications, and we will select the most matching suppliers for you to cooperate with.

If your client requests a new audit, or asks a third-party certification company to do the audit, we will coordinate for you until the corresponding certificate is obtained.